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About RBS

The Retail Business School (RBS) is the first in the sub-region that focuses solely on developing managerial and leadership talents for retail . It will develops managers and leaders that are locally rooted but up to date on global retail best practices. The School is dedicated to preparing and inspiring retail personnel for successful careers in retailing.

RBS is a member of Bervidson Group, Nigeria’s leading retail consultancy and development group.


The retailing sector in Nigeria continues to expand, with value sales increasing strongly and faster than real GDP. Growth is being fuelled by the increase in the size of the Nigerian population (particularly in urban areas) estimated at about 160 million and growing at about 2% annually. Other factors are increasing disposable incomes among some segments of the population, the drive by some retailers to ‘modernise‘ retailing and encouraging government policies such as "cashless economy".

Retailing is well acknowledged as the engine that drives the economy, yet it continues to receive little attention from leading business institutions in the country.

Most worrisome is that retail management capability is not keeping pace with the rate of growth in retail.There is therefore a dearth of managerial and leadership expertise across all levels in retail required to manage retail business in the transforming retail landscape.

This trend is set to worsen as the shoppers becomes even more powerful and more demanding.

The retail business that will thrive in the future will need to develop very strong capabilities in; 

  • Understanding the retail business

  • Shopper behaviour & preferences

  • Relationship building

  • Shopper value creation  

It is against this background, and in alignment with key retail leaders and the Retail Business School (RBS) was established to bridge the gap and support retail with the right response to current changes challenges and opportunities in the transforming Nigeria retail landscape.