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Retail Executive Education Programs (REEP)

Overview of REEP

The Retail Business School Executive Education Programs are designed for retail business professionals and executives at managerial and leadership levels. RBS innovative and flexible programs offer you the opportunity to advance your retail business success with cutting-edge leadership training, and gain fresh perspectives on managing and leading contemporary retail business challenges.

Through RBS unique retail management programs and experience, you will learn how to lead, manage and accelerate change and innovation in your organization, and be more competitive. RBS Executive Education programs are structured into short duration program for executives who want to expand their business acumen with innovative management expertise in order to address the new challenges and expanding management responsibilities in today's ever-changing marketplace.

We offer a portfolio of programmes which are open for individual as well as group enrolments. Our open programmes attract executives from different businesses in retail, adjacent industries and job functions, allowing for an enriched networking experience. 

Drawing on Bervidson Group’s rich tradition of making retail businesses successful, RBS have created a safe yet dynamic place for retail business managers and leaders to explore, experiment and develop their capacity to win in today’s increasingly globalised business marketplace.

Retail Management Certification Programs

The following are the certification programs currently being offered in RBS.